Friday, March 20, 2009

True Iran victory over Zahaak

my little video animation


Anonymous said...

Awesome. samsam jan: Can you re-write your piece on the Battle of Qadesiyeh.

In fact, why don't your put references and articles about Arab conquest and colonization of Iranians so we can all come to one place and have access to it. thank you.

SamSam said...

that actualy is a great idea , but if i ever do it , i gotte do it right to keep all corners covered for this important point of our history & birth of our dual identity of Arabo-Ommatie/Iranic psyche...will see time permitting ..cheers & kind regards pal !!!

Anonymous said...

i am RedWine and your number one fan.

you are doing a good job.

Zendeh bashi amigo :=) .

SamSam said...

Red wine jaan , maa ham haminjour . kaaret dorosteh