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True Iran & Virus of Ommatism Part 2

Above portrait is of Hafiz & Plotonius .

For the love of God & the sake of beloved true Iran .

Az maast keh bar maast ;

Earlier in the first part of these series , I went thru a brief review of those immortal nomadic tribes whose journey from the south Arctic along Aral mountains gave birth to their destiny in a land they later called Aryanum/Eran . In it , I put light on the essence of what it meant to be an Irani & the original purpose behind that statehood , identity & psyche .

And then came Qadesiyeh . As a spiritual person & a strong believer in the absolute logic behind being , the God all knowing, without the divisive baggage of religion , I do believe if only we had accepted Islam & it,s one God, without the cancer and virus of Ommatism , the godfather of every thing that ailes this culture , we might have had a chance to preserve still a large chunk of our psyche /language & heritage . It,s not Islam ,a private religion , that is the problem or equates to Ommatism . The problem is the corrupted icing on the cake aka Ommatism, that brought us The khallife , Jazieh, Taghieh, Sufism, kharabati poetry, Sanaii, Ohadi , Al Massudi , Shaikh Attar, Fakhrodin Eraghi , Abu Saiid ,Molavi , Jammi, Shabestari , Hafiz , abu bakr Razi , the Mullah, Majlesi, Safavid, Ghajar, self-pity mentality , seeking foreign messiahs in conmen of Karbala , Mogol hords, Britain & Soviet Union & so on .

The virus of Ommatism ;
How did we get here & who were the culprits

What was it that transformed a Medeo-Persian nation of free men & women with traits of self-sufficience , self-confidence , self-worth , self-knowledge , adventurism , pragmatism , challenge , ethics & mastery into a failed dual-identity nation falling in gradual abyss of self pity , leaving her destiny to fate , obediance to Pan-Arab psyche , seeking messiah among the occupiers , promoting alien icons , writing in their language & alphabet , naming their kids after occupiers , being content with staus quo , indifference , blaming the victim , praising the subjugator , choosing the easy way out , mistaking friends & foes , welcoming enemies as liberators , leaving foreigners to decide for us & blaming our ills on the first easy target to get away facing our true self in the mirror & be accountable !!! .

Indeed the line from Sufi poet shaikh mohammad Koofi says it all that " mongols were the hands of God who came to put us Ajams straight for our sins as Muslims disrespectful of ahl-al-bait " . Could it get any worse than this for total obediance to foreign subjugation & rubbish ! .
Ommatism is the godfather of all other ism,s that ails this nation . In essence Sufism , Kharabati, Darvishgari(ommatized type Nihilism) , Jabrigari ,Ezzat al Arab supremacy & so on , are all sub-sets of this poisenous virus . How did we get here & who were the culprits !!!.
Except for a few beloved icons such as Ferdowsi , Daghighi & roudaki on , Indeed the majority of master culprits were the collective ilk of so called Ommati elites or as I call them weak links of Kharabati/sufi/rhymists(Ghafieh band) philosophers, poets, writers post-Sassanid Iran that purposely and at times unintentionaly thru their writings became mere tool of Ommatism , Pan-Arab mastery , inaction & hopeless mentality . Later , I will passingly review the message & character of these so called preachers of Ommatism & expose some of them who were in truth, conmen dressed in robes playing with the psyche & self-worth of generation after generations of Iranians via their empty rhythmic poetry , mumbo jumbo witchcraft , fictional glorification of mere beings , exageration in praise of power , importation of Arab vocab & psyche into our language and culture & erasing patriotism by preaching indifference to worldly matters .

Contrary to popular belief , Post-Qadesiyeh / Arab conquest Iran(V-ran) eventhough defeated & in despair , was still largely culturaly/liguisticaly intact & Iranic . How ever After many ensuing heroic Iranian uprising & continious supression of a few generations by Arab Khallifes , the new reality gave birth to a nation largely devoid of a clear path , self-identity , self-worth & morals . The stage thus was ripe for opportunists and weak links to come in and present another so called viable version of our world view in the form of imported ideas to justify inaction and despair , kharabati style nihilism & pouch garaii .

Greek philosopher Plotonius & his like minded comrades believed in this paganist crock that we are all part of God , separated from him only temporarily in the universe & our priority must be always to disregard & ignore the worldly matters , yearning to return to God . Now , to Sassanid Iran as masters of the half-world these elitist mumbo jumbos could not have found followers since the Irani psyche believed in seperation of Man, God entity and Man,s choice to form his/her destiny while all along being mindfull of God all knowing as a watchfull all rightious entity . But as fate has it , post-Sassanid Iran facing despair & dual-identity was ripe for these once irrelevent nonsense and hence with the translation of Greek works into Arabic by the likes of Ibn-Moghafah and solidification of Pan-Arab mastery in Iran , these set of ideas found their ways gradualy back into Iranic psyche thru half-Arab kharabati/Sufi poetry , writings , philosophy of later opportunists who holified fictional mumbo jumbos & khorafat of the likes of Sufi Shabali & Bayazid into innocent minds of Irani audience all along importing thousands of Arabic words into our vocab & making Parsi a mere Arabic dielect .
In effect Ommatism is a form of infidelity since Ommatists believe that we are all one God (unity of being) or as shaikh Ali moazzen wrote" maa zaateh zaveljelaleh khodavandeh akbarim" .

One of the names among many that pops out is the misguided Rouzbeh aka Ibn Moghafah of Iranic/Zororostrian heritage who accompanied the trend and wrote the first Arabic grammer , translated Greek philosophy into Arabic and thus set the stage for an unintentional treachery that opened the door for thousands like him to use Arabic medium to spread & glorify indifference to Iranic heritage & psyche . Ommati revisionists such as khosravi call him a hero !!! . I feel the reality of times that he lived under but to me he was the symbol of misguided priorities no matter how patriotic he might have felt his work might be . He had a choice just as great Ferdowsi did to choose his priority . In my vocab there is only one name that comes to mind "a misguided promoter & enabler of Pan-Arab agenda" .

These jobless , pain free, some times khallife hugging , sometimes pedophile , kharabati lust chasers & beggers like Abu Saiid or shaikh Attar & alike whose soul purpose in life was sitting for months without a care at hand to complicate simple concepts of life into nonsensical rhythmic poetry and philosophy to disown responsibility & take action in the face of tyrany & oppression , leaving it for Mongol khans , khallifs & foreigners to avenge for us or to rule over us . It is a sad reality that later copy paste elites & Ommati protege turned these empty rethoric & ghafieh band characters into messianic icons and untouchable saints by adding more myth & glorification to keep the innocent minds of Irani youth busy with baseless khorafat , yavehgoii & pure rubbish .

Funny thing that some of these poetry is done simply for the sole purpose of ghafieh bandi & rhymes and no real concept behind it but later on as our Ommati psyche has it, the elites read a ton more into it than there actualy was , just like gloryfying icons beyond their mere being such as this piece from Hafiz which I read in another book ;

Beh azameh tobeh sehr goftam estekhareh konam bahar tobeh shekan miresad cheh chareh konam

To repent , I asked God almighty,s permission

what ? Do you need god permission to repent for your sins ? . No pal , this is simply as the writer pointed out an excuse for Hafiz to rhyme estekhareh & cheh chareh , pure and simple .

Common sense & intelligence is another victim of Ommatism & as Molana shamsedin says " When true love comes , mind & intelligence are refugees of irrelevence as they should be" . Hence we see generations falling for conmen preachers of Karbala & shaikh glory to distract them from matters at hand & governance of their nation . In effect in absence of khallife occupation , the Ommatism & it,s cultural agents became the tool & guardians of Pan-Arab , language, culture, legacy & eternal rule over Iran . The preachers , brainwashed generations thru pretty poetry and writings into being indifferent to their heritage , their future and the past , not bother with independence of mind , not make an effort to change status quo & in short , let Shaikh&Sultan decide , mentality . Don,t worry , be happy .

The reason Iranic psyche gave in to oppression of foreign elements post-Sassanid such as Mongols is well explained by act of Sufi Safavid importing Arab shaikhs of Jabal Amel Lebenon to master over the fate & religion of their Irani natives . Further on , The Ommatist virus gradualy chewed away at the border lines of our Iranic identity & patriotism to the point that we could not diffrentiate between what is Iran & Aniran(non Irani), our self identity replaced with a vague dual-identity & our psyche programmed into Ommati indiffrence & worshiping foreign entities / foes against our own interests so that at the time of Mongol invasion , we were lambs waiting to be slaughtered . This is where Salman Parsi is a revered hero & Babak is a dirty infidel , Ferdowsi is a chauvenist & Shaikh Eraghi is a saint .

Is it any surprise then that the British helped promote this imamzadeh culture to keep Irani busy with rubbish & from all places , London royal printing house kept printing Ommati/kharabati poetry books in Farsi during Ghajar rule for internal consumption in Iran while banning shahnameh khani in Fars & bushehr thru it,s Anglo Imams !!!. Surprising that even during Pahlavis , the Ommati guardians of status quo in cultural centres kept feeding the same mumbo to the receptive minds of youth which finally gave birth to a by-product of Ommatism , IRI(IRV) .

In the final part of these series ,time permitting , I will disect into more details about our language , heritage & a passing note of the role of stockholm syndrom among most of our beloved female gender & their subconscious fierce defence on behalf of status quo culture .

God , Country , beliefs


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