Monday, December 29, 2008

True Iran & Virus of Ommatism Part I

Above image ; An Egyptian textile 620AD depicting Sassanid King Khosru Parviz battle with Ethiopians in Yemen.

H.G.Wells once wrote " Among many races & cultures , Irani gene & spirit has travelled far & away beyond it,s borders as a universal gene & especially on the many faces of our European heritage ""

Todays world by far owes a big chunk of it,s identity both physicaly & spiritualy to old Iranic tribes & legacy yet it is pitiful that we have minimized her great heritage to a few small timer shaikhs & their petty ideas .

It,s not far fetched to claime that todays Europe and specificaly France , Spain & Balkans foundation was largely built via direct effect both physicaly & culturaly of Iranic tribes of old Iran . Now let us first disect a tiny bit of that immence memory .

Looking at those long forgotten names of our once kinzmen tribes of old Iran ,those ancient tribes who thru their long gradual journey from Arctic along Ural mountains to their chosen final destiny Ayrianum, centuries later gave birth to a legacy age old & everlasting . Here, you can truly relate to what Mr Wells meant . Names like the Caucuses north western tribes of Alans , Iberians(Uraniah lake) , Alebanians , Sarmatians(Iranian Sarumatah,"Archer" ) , Scythians(Sag-zian) or Dahaei,s of east Caspian & Amu darya . Nomadic tribes of Iranic heritage who spoke the various dialect of their Medeo-Persian cousins ,served along them , lived as far down as Kermanshah & as north as Volga river ,called themselves sons of Oreaya(Arya) or Iron(Aryan) and later scattered across the globe as fate of invasion by Huns,Avars and Arabs have it .

Caucuses mountains region (Capra Cansacica) is called the melting pot of Iranic blood and spirit. Every bit of Caucuses smells of our iranic heritage . Look at Georgians whose name derives from the river named Kirus (Kur, Kyrus, Cyrus) that waters their land south of Suanes and hence were later called Kurgians and Georgians .

Look at Alans (Alooni in mid-persian) who around 380AD over run by Huns in Darband , Araan & Arax river (Astarah) moved west headed by their chieftain Goar of Iron(dialectical form of Aryan) lineage joined Germanic Vandals & Sueves crossed across Ukrain, river Danub & Rhine captured Toulouse(France) & founded the first truly french kingdom of Orleans(Oyr) 418AD ,established, later on in 455AD joined their late arrival Iberian Iranic kinzmen joined with Germanic Vandals & Visigoths moved to Spain and established the first Iberian kingdom of Galacia . Unopposed the tribes moved past Granada and into North Africa & established their kingdom Decimum & Carthage 478AD to last for 150 yrs . their thirst for more land , landed their king Gaiseraj into Corsica Island & sacking of Rome in 485AD .

It,s no surprise that Today,s Serbs & Croats and some Lithuanians claime Iran as their original motherland because of their Sarmatian(Sarumata "Archer" mid-persian) heritage & remember their first chieftain as Sarmatea-oask . For more just check my earlier blog under "Video Serbo Croatians ranting their Irani Origins " . The same facts holds true for Scythians(Saka) & Alebani effects on Ukrain & south Balkan countries . Albania(Alebani?) also no direct research is done to prove the link .

It,s worthy of notes to also our presence in Yemenites & Omman which happen to have the most iranic genes & customs in contrast to all Arab countries .

Now, what it means to be Iran;

Beyond Antioch & south of River Tenaise (todays chechnia) thru all the history of Greece & Rome , lay that almost secret Empire Aryaneum, Eran-Shatr/Shahr, Eran , Land of Aryans which for a thousand years had stood off expanding Europe, Asiatic & Bedoin hordes , never forgetting her Medeo-Persian-scythio heritage , Achamenead glory, slowly healing from the Parthian -Roman wars & proudly safeguarding the unique culture of Sassanid renaissance of new Eran .

I am not going to talk about Great Cyrus , darius , Xerxes , Artabanus , Parthia , Artashtir, Shahpour , victorious Khosru Parviz or the extent of our empire and 43 nationalities from Egypt to india to Greece & todays Bulgaria that that came under it, but, about the psyche of that Medeo-Persian proud nation .

Ammanius the Roman Historian calls the Sassanid Iran ; a country of thousand towns Rai, Ekbataneh, Estakhr, Mosulius(Mosul) Susa, Selucia & magnificent on , Persians as all slender , often handsome, some what lighter than Greeks ,some what darker than Gauls , with comely beards & long hair , easy grace , with a flair for dangerous sport & splendid dress ,enthusiastic , but quickly alert , very proud , knowing their Persian lineage intimately ,ridiculing Pagan romans ... they wear tunics of wool & silk , . All clases love colors , women wear boots and breeches & ornaments . Kings distiguish themselves with red shoes , blue trousers and a headdress with an inflated ball or the head of a beast .

The typical Persian was galliantly impulsive ,, free men/women who spoke their mind in war & peace , Stood on sides of their king & not behind them , rather crafty than couragious , kept their enemies at long range , the poor drank beer but almost all other classes prefered wine , worshiped one God yet kept their caremonies most private , pedestry & prostitution was rare compare to Romans & Greeks , telling lies(Drujj) was the greatest sin , keeping land & rivers clean was their keenest deeds , their manners more refined than their northern kinzmen the Saka , Mars not Venus was the God of love , Every occasion was used for ceremonies to bring joy with awesome rites , The wife could divorce her husband for reasons of cruelty or desertion , Concubines were permitted but not in private residence of the man and his wife which was exported to Islam later , Persian women were exceptionaly beautiful and Anirani men had to be guarded from them . Past time was spent playing chogan, Polo , Archery, horse racing , chess , ball games , hunting . Every Irani found music necessary to conjoin as part of their religion, love & war . Persians enjoyed their songs accompanied with instruments such as flute , lyre, pipe, guitar ,horn & drum . the persian was a cosmopolitan citizen in love with story telling & reciting the adventures of his/her contemporary kinzmen & forefathers in foreign lands & heroic victories .

In short the Iranian was the quintessential free man/women of the old world , master of his universe & subject to no one but loyalty to his/her heritage . An adventurist , with self-worth, self-confidence with no self-pity , self-knowledge , self-reliance ,mentality of challenge , mastery against foreign subjugation & a staunch defender of truth . His/her king was not a blood thirsty foreign tyrant or khallife calling him a serf or an Ajam but to spread his motherlands legacy across foreign lands . As a citizen he/she was equal among equals and only finance set him/her apart among his/her kinzmen . Yes he felt at home in his Eran as an Irani .

And then came Qadesiyeh . If only we had accepted Islam & it,s one God, without the cancer and virus of Ommatism , the godfather of every thing that ailes this culture , we might have had a chance to preserve still a large chunk of our psyche /language & heritage . It,s not Islam a private religion that is the problem, it,s the corrupted icing on the cake aka Ommatism, that brought us The khalife , Jazieh, Taghieh, Sufism, kharabati poetry, Sanaii, Ohadi , Massudi , Shaikh Attar, Fakhrodin Eraghi , Abu Saiid , Jammi, Shabestari , Hafiz , abu bakr Razi , the Mullah, Majlesi, Safavid, Ghajar, self-pity mentality seeking foreign messiahs in conmen of Karbala , Britain & Soviet Union & so on ...

Hope this will answer future questions as regards to what Iranic values mean to me .more or less. I have missed a lot more topics to cover but as one would guess, time is of the essence . may be some other time .
continued ......ahh my back..


SamSam said...

2nd part to be posted soon .

Anonymous said...

You are mixing islam and shia. Iran /Persians are culturally destryed and corrupted by shia imported from lebanon since safavids. yes islam brought us a lot 0f misfortune, but we kept going forward, but the idea of sheism ( taqyeh, sighah, mollas, ayatollah, faqih, imam, seyed, ashura... kherafat....) all is non islamic , shia manfactured by ...? and forced to iranian people through safavi turks, who didn't know anything except killing. all remote areas of iran inspit of bieng moslem ( not shia) , all have kept their tradition. dialect, and culture, such as in kurdestan, mazandran, khorasan, bluchestan, harats, fars, because safavids could not reach them, and they remained non shia moslems .