Monday, May 19, 2008

Ancient Iran

Pahlavi Avesta



Pahlavi Tagh Bostan

Simorgh found in Khosrou fort

Valerian-Khosrou anu Shirvan


Sassanid Guards

Sasanid soldiers



Pahlavi Mid Persian Alphabet

KhosrouII Defeated by Heraclius Roman Emperor.Roman drawing
In Constantinopolis .

Sassanid Fort in Darband Russia.

CyrusII The Great King of Kings,Son Of Anshan
.King Of Hearts & Minds Of Persians.
Ancient Hebrew drawing.

Eyvan Kasra. Iraq

King Shahpour.7 Feet tall statue .Fars cave


Cave inside

Bishapur mosaic Persian Princess

Bishapur Relief

BahramII Sarvestan summer Palace.Beautiful star studded night.

Ardeshir I _Coins


Anonymous said...

Samsam - I like your choice of pictures, but please tell me about the silver plate with ? Ahura Mazda? holding a lion in each hand and standing on a third lion. Which museum is it in? Can you tell me any more about it?

Also, I have to tell you something else - best wishes, Julianna

Anonymous said...

Something else: that picture of Chosroes (Khosru) is not Roman but ROMANESQUE - 12th century! It isn't a drawing but an enamel. It isn't in Constantinople but in the Louvre, Paris. Best wishes, Julianna

SamSam said...

thx for the feedback on Byzantine "enamel". Learned a new word :). As for the silver plate, it,s most probably the Khosru II the victorious as for the choice of star in his crown & his features.

The only other sassanid monarch with star in the crown was Hormuzd V but his nose dont match the one on the plate ;). As for the museum I cant be sure but possibly Hermitage in Moscow.
Cheers & best wishes !!!